Hey there and welcome!  

Nevin Watson here, an energetic and comedic man attempting to capture memories and momentous occasions at or near my home in Douglasville, Georgia.  I'm inspired by my two children and the creative way to view things through a lens. Deep down in my bones, I feel an absolute compulsion to capture stories and preserve moments, crafting meaning and metaphor out of the messiness of life.  It's my life's work and I love it. 

Every year, I capture personal photos and create a year in review books: a year in the life of my family.  They hold all the birthdays, all the school events, and all the vacations but also, and maybe more importantly, they contain portraits of childhood - candid, gloriously ordinary moments- and those are my absolute favorite.  And that's what I want to do for you. I want to help you see the gifts through imagery.  Your story deserves to be told and your memories deserve to be captured.   I can help you make sure these moments aren't lost in a sea of countless gigabytes of obscure cell phone data or worse, not captured at all.  

I offer timeless events, sports, weddings, and lifestyle photography  Contact me at [email protected] for more information.  I'd love to work with you to achieve your goals for family legacy preservation!